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A fantactic stain remover and degreaser soap for linens and definitely anything you need to clean up at home.
The biggest genuine Marseille cube soap, intended for large families with big laundry needs. A thrifty choice!
Taking 14 days to produce the genuine Marseilles soap. The authentic Marseilles soap is 100% natural, exclusively made with vegetable oils without any colouring or artificial additives. It must contain 72% of oil, a percentage which is stamped on every cube of soap.
It has exceptional purity: Marseille soap is recommended by doctors as an alternative to other soaps because it doesnt cause skin problems; used to wash clothes, silk and lace.

A versatile long-lasting soap
One of Marseille soap famous characteristics is that it may be used as a soap for the body but also as a detergent to wash things up.
it is the favourite of hikers and campers because they only need a single soap to shower, to do their laundry and dish washing. A Marseille soap is also quickly biodegradable and last a lot longer than any other soaps.

Soap with no fragrance added, no dye but its natural color and glycerin-free.
Hand cut and dried in the open air. Weight and sizes are given for a freshly made soap, subject to desiccation. Therefore, those values may vary from a soap to an other. Since there is no color dye in this soap, its color may goes from green to brown, depending on its date of manufacturing.

Posted: Friday 31 January 2020