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RETHINK products make it easier to rethink your choices in caring for planet Earth. Use and reuse these bags whenever you shop.
We make it a breeze for you to ditch old, single-use habits by using our sustainable bags for your food storage and on-the-go needs. Rethink bags are Certified Organic and environmentally pure; designed for your convenience when shopping for fresh produce, bread and pick-and-mix.

String Bags are made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and stretch to hold 15kg; featuring two handle sizes for effortless shopping. Perfect for holding your heavy, bulky items like milk and potatoes.
Bulk Bin Bags are made from premium unbleached cotton; ideal for your loose pick-and-mix items. The double-entry drawstring can be tied together to prevent any spillages.
Reusable Fresh Produce Bags have been specially designed for your convenience when shopping for fruit and veggies. They are available in two handy sizes with a drawstring to secure your produce in the bag. They also incorporate tare-weight deduction from participating retailers, helping you to quickly complete your shopping.
Nut Mylk Bags are made from fine voile to produce the silkiest, smoothest non-diary mylks. Enjoy using our bags to make nut, oat, soy or rice mylks at your convenience, at home.

Posted: Thursday 16 January 2020