Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty

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Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty

Nutra Organics Collagen beauty powder with Verisol + Vitamin C - for Skin, hair and gut health

Collagen begins to degenerate when we reach our mid 20's which along with lifestyle and environmental factors can accelerate the common signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and cellulite.

Studies show that Collagen Beauty along with healthy lifestyle habits can:

- Assist in noticeably firmer and smoother skin

-Reduce cellulite

-Slow the process of the skin loosing its firmness

-Increase skin moisture

-Improve gut health

Collagen Beauty has added Vitamin C, Zinc and Silica to increase collagen absorption and effectiveness. With 98% protein, low kilojoule, no sugar and no carbohydrates this unflavoured powder is heat resistant and fully dissolves in hot or cold liquid. It can be added to everything from smoothies, hot drinks, soups or sauces without loosing its nutritional value.

Posted: Tuesday 15 January 2019