NEW IN STORE - BePure Range

NEW IN STORE - BePure Range

Come in and talk to us about the BePure range of nutrients we have recently started stocking.

Developed personally by leading nutritionist Ben Warren and the BePure lab & research team.

Formulated for quality, strength and bioavailability for optimal absorption.

Products in the BePure range include:

  • BePure ONE: the ultimate daily multivitamin
  • BePure THREE: a high DHA/EPA omega 3 fish oil with vitamin D and natural vitamins A & E
  • BePure TEN: CoQ10 for ultimate energy
  • BePure SUPER BOOST C: a high potency vitamin C powder to support the immune system
  • BePure MAGNESIUM RESTORE: a high strength, bioavailable magnesium
  • BePure ZINC RESTORE: a high strength, bioavailable zinc picolinate with vitamin C
  • BePure ADRENAL REGENERATOR: a whole food nutritional supplement to support and rebuild adrenal function
  • BePure VITAMIN D RESTORE: a high strength 100% natural vitamin D in liquid form
  • BePure ESTRO CLEAR: an active daily detoxifier in the form of a chocolate & manuka honey flavoured powder
  • BePure GUT ASSIST: active enzymes to assist and improve digestion

Developed in New Zealand, specifically for New Zealanders and their nutrient requirements, these are not to be missed!

Posted: Friday 28 September 2018