NEW IN STORE - Golden Latte & Velvet Latte Packs

NEW IN STORE - Golden Latte & Velvet Latte Packs

These are a must try! Nutra Organics have two delicious latte flavours available in store:

Golden Latte - turmeric manuka honey

A powerful combo of turmeric and manuka honey that makes a bright golden latte. Filled with turmeric, manuka honey and Ayuverdic chai spices, the ingredients in this warming drink support healthy digestion and metabolism, stress reduction, hormone balance and glowing skin amongst other benefits.

Velvet Latte - beetroot turmeric

A tasty combination of beetroot and chai spices that makes a bright pink latte. Filled with beetroot, turmeric and Ayuverdic chai spices, the ingredients in this nourishing drink support detoxification, healthy digestion and boost energy amongst other benefits.

Posted: Thursday 5 July 2018