Great Lakes Gelatin and Collagen

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Great Lakes Gelatin and Collagen

New in store is the high quality Great Lakes Gelatin, a wonderful product to support skin, joint & bone health. Gelatin also supports leaky gut and digestive health.

Available in two forms:

Unflavoured gelatin (red package) - dissolves in hot liquid and forms a gel so perfect for making gummies, jelly, marshmellows, panna cotta or other similar recipes.

Collagen hydrolysate (green package) - dissolves easily in warm and cold liquids and does not cause liquids to gel. This has a very subtle taste and can easily be mixed in to smoothies, juices, yogurt, coffee, tea or other hot drinks.

Come in and ask us for some recipes to use this product such as marshmellows, jelly and protein bars.

Posted: Thursday 26 April 2018